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and web applications for business

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We are a group of associates specialised in the technologies surrounding the Internet. Based in the north of France, and with a bilingual team, our experience and savoire faire will help you make a success of your project.

From creating and maintaining websites to transmitting your important business data safely and securely over the internet, Sitescom helps you to take control.


Sitescom helps you to reach your target audience and transmit your message effectively.

Graphic design, information architecture and ergonomics, coding, custom programming, ongoing maintenance and search engine optimisation must all blended skillfully to produce a successfull website.

Sitescom will help you take control of your web presence and keep ownership of your website and its content.


If your project is an on-line shop for the public or a specialised "business to business" application Sitescom will help you transform your ideas into reality. Custom programming will give your business the edge it needs to survive in todays business climate.


Created to protect your important business data, the SafetyBox is an advanced security appliance providing local and off-site backup of a daily snapshot of your data.

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Sitescom offers training for individuals and groups on a variety of Internet related topics. Learn to manipulate images with Photoshop, create web pages, manage a large website or even master a programming language.

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